Stainless Steel Rails

The best material for bathroom radiators and heated towel rails is definitely stainless steel. It can be more expensive in some cases, but this is far outweighed by the superior quality, guarantees, hand finishing and benefits that stainless steel offers over other radiator materials. Stainless steel towel rails and stainless steel towel warmers will almost certainly stand the test of time and look fabulous while doing it! The perfect solution for a wet environment, a stainless steel ladder rail wont corrode or rust like a normal towel rail made from mild steel or finished with paint or powder coating. But, that isn’t where it ends.. Stainless steel rail and designer towel radiators can be used uniquely on specialised direct heating systems due to their unique abilities. stainless steel towel rails are available in both matte, satin brushed stainless steel and also mirror polished stainless steel finishes, both of which are uniquely finished by hand by master craftsmen. Stainless steel designer towel rails can conduct heat at around 15% better than normal mild steel, the raw untreated material tends to permeate heat better and also retains it’s heat a lot longer too which means, once you’ve switched off your central heating system, the towel rail keeps on heating for longer than an average radiator and in case you didn't already know, produces warm, fluffy towels at your convenience. The ideal thing when your getting out of the shower or you've just finished a bath. Trouble free maintenance is also a key feature of a stainless steel ladder rail and radiators due to them being easy to clean and them being less prone to rust. Stainless steel towel radiators are essentially made from a non ferrous metal, which means they have a much higher resistance to oxidisation and corrosion. Oh and did we mention… our stainless steel towel radiators and towel rails come with a whopping 25 year guarantee from their respective manufacturers, now that’s great value! And.. In case you where wondering, most of our models come with different power options including 'standard wet' for central heating systems or direct heating systems, electrically powered by a heating element (standard or thermostatic) and also dual fuel too making our range both versatile and practical.

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