Q. How to Order?

Q. How to Convert Watts to BTU'S?

A. BTU'S > Watts multiplied by 3.41  or  WATTS > BTU'S divided by 3.41

Q. How long will it take for my radiator/s to arrive?

A. This usually depends on the type of radiator you have ordered. But don't worry! Most radiators are delivered the very next day!
Some bespoke sizes and colours are manufactured to order and can take up to 12 weeks in some cases if the product is hand-made or finished in a particular way, we always advise you of the ETA when ordering.

Q. How will my radiator or towel rail be delivered?

A. We deliver all Radiators and Towel Rails free of charge, direct to your door within mainland UK using couriers or specialist transport. Non-mainland delivery charges are available on application at the time of order.

Don't forget that you'll need to sign for your order before the delivery driver can release your consignment.

Q. How do I know what heat output I need?

A. Simple - We've created a free BTU calculator for you which will estimate the required Watts or BTU's you will need to comfortably heat the space you've got!
Our BTU Calculator is on every product page under the tabbed section, or you can find it here.

Q. The designer radiator I want doesn't give me enough heat output, what can I do?

A. You could always opt for a larger size in the same model, go double or even triple rows of tubes, bars or panels to increase output within the same space. You may need to add another radiator to the room to make up the extra BTU requirement or add some underfloor heating if you don't have the wall space us a call to discuss your needs!

Q. I've got 10mm diameter Pipes on my Central Heating System (Micro Bore System), But all of your connections are 1/2" (15mm) diameter threads?

A. All you need to do is fit a 15mm to 10mm reducer to each valve to allow it to be used with your micro bore system.

Q. How do I connect an electric towel rail?

A. Easy! Your new electric towel rail connects to your household mains electricity and runs on the same voltage as most household electrical appliances. There are no ‘special’ or difficult to obtain electrical tools or fixtures required to fit an electric towel rail. The only real difference is that you should not fit a standard 3 pin plug and socket in a bathroom environment full of moisture. Instead your towel rail will be hard wired into a fused spur which looks different but does the same function as a 3 pin plug. Your fused spur can have an on/off switch. Fused spurs are well known to electricians and connection is no problem.

Q. How Do I Protect The Finish of my radiator?

A. We do not advise you to use any specific metal cleaning products, corrosive or hazardous cleaners on to our products. The radiator or towel rail should be cleaned using warm water and mild soap on a soft cloth and dried thoroughly to prolong the lifetime of your purchase and to comply with your product guarantee.

Q. What are the different fuel types available to me?

A. Central Heating Powered  |  Electrically Powered  |  Dual fuel Powered

1. Central Heating 

Just like a radiator, a Heated Towel Rail can be plumbed into your central heating system, which basically fills them with water fed from the tank or the boiler. This type of rail has the advantage of being the cheapest option, (as all you need is an empty rail and a set of valves), but can only be used when the central heating is on, (mostly during the winter). People usually tend to choose a Heated Towel Rail over a radiator in the bathroom due to their dual purpose and the lack of space available.

2. Electric

Electric Towel Rails are closed units, (not connected to the central heating), which are filled and sealed with a heating solution. This is heated through an element which is inserted into the bottom of the rail, which heats the solution.

3. Dual Fuel

Dual Fuel give you choice of using either the central heating system or the electric as the heat source. They are connected into the central heating system and also have an element fitted, with the addition of a T-Piece. These are often referred to as summertime element rails.

Q. Where do I find prices for a product I am interested in?

A. All our prices are available on our website. If there is an item that you cannot find on our website, please call our customer service team on 01772 458 982, and they will be only too happy to help you.

Q. I am a trades person, can I get a discount on purchases I make?

A. We can only offer further discounts on our products if they are ordered in bulk amounts, please call our helpful customer services team for details on how many items you will need to purchase before qualifying for a further discount.

Q. Whats the difference between angled and straight valves?

A. Straight valves typically fit to radiators with under-side connections, angled valves generally fit to radiators with side connections. (This is not always the case, connection type is always dependent on the design)


Q. What do all of the information/measurements on your radiator mean?

A. Please see example below.

Q. Should I use inhibitor in the system?

A. It is strongly recommended that the system should be properly flushed and filled in accordance with the British Standard Code of Practice for the Treatment of Water in Domestic Hot Water Central Heating Systems BS7593. Use of a corrosion inhibitor is strongly recommended by the manufacturer. Failure to observe this recommendation will invalidate the guarantee. For in-depth product information, please consult the technical information section for your preferred radiator.

Q. Can you send me a brochure?

A. We are an internet based company and in our efforts to keep overheads and prices to a minimum we do not produce printed brochures or price lists so we can bring the products to you at a cheaper rate. You can browse our selection of products at www.chicradiators.co.uk

Q. I live outside the UK, can I buy from you?

A. Yes, you can purchase from us, please contact our customer service team for an accurate quotation if you intend to export any of our products. Depending on your location delivery times may vary, we will endeavor to quote an accurate delivery on request. Please be aware that we require a signature to say that the goods have been received in good condition and that we cannot accept a return once the item has been signed for. Also shipping the items overseas will invalidate any warranty on the item.

Q. Do you install radiators?

A. No, we only supply at this current time - but we can advise you on where to find a fully qualified plumber/electrician below.

We do not advise anyone to pre-book an electrician, plumber, builder or any other installer until their goods have been received and checked.
Our Top Tips for finding a plumber. Electrician or other qualified trades person:  -  Ask friends/relatives/neighbors who they use/ have used.
Use a member of the Institute of Plumbing and Heating Engineering - members have to hold recognised qualifications in plumbing and/or extensive experience.

    •    All work must be carried out by a fully qualified trades person carrying all the relevant qualifications so as to validate you warranty of your product.

    •    Ask for a written quotation - unless there are any unforeseen costs, the final bill should not deviate too far from this initial written quotation.

    •    Clearly explain all of the work you need doing - write it all down if possible.

    •    Ask how long the job should take to complete.

    •    Always as for a complete breakdown once the job is complete so you know where your money has been allocated to the job.

    •    Never pay upfront and only pay the trades person once you are totally happy with the work they have carried out for you.

    •    Good plumbers will be busy no matter when you call. Don't give up on quality to get a job done quicker.

    •    Don’t be scared to ask questions, a Registered Plumber will be knowledgeable and able to answer anything you need to know. They will carry a gas safe card which you can ask to look at. 

This is what you will need to look out for:
If the engineer is registered you will be provided with a list of details including:
•    A picture of the engineer

•    Contact details of the Gas Safe registered business

•    What gas work they are qualified to carry out

If a business is registered you will be provided with a list of details including:

•    Contact details of the Gas Safe registered business
•    What gas work they are qualified to carry out
•    Services the company provide (domestic and non-domestic)
•    Types of gas they can offer to work with (LPG and natural gas)

•    Areas of work they offer

Checking the Gas Safe card
All Gas Safe registered engineers carry a Gas Safe Register ID card, with their own unique licence number, showing the type of work they are qualified to do.  Before any gas work is carried out always make sure you ask to see their card and check the front and the back.






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